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Letter From Our President

Thank you for your interest in Total Function Physical Therapy PC. It’s the right place to get help for your symptoms and pain.

Whatever it is that has happened to you—whether an accident or injury, whether your symptoms are chronic or acute—we will give you the time and attention you need to turn your situation around.

We work with the musculoskeletal system of the body. We are movement experts and can provide analysis for a full spectrum of activities: walking, daily activities, sport-related activities, posture, and ergonomics. We can identify the structural issues and movement patterns that are causing your problems, and come up with a plan to resolve them.

You might be frustrated or disillusioned with the medical world, or with the progress you have made—or haven’t made. Here at Total Function Physical Therapy, we can give you a detailed and accurate assessment of your situation. We can educate you, set up a treatment plan on the right gradient and empower you to not give up, but to take on the challenges of rehabilitation and healing. You can overcome!

I encourage you to come in and let one of our physical therapists work with you to help you return to an active and confident life … to return to your total function.


Peter de Jong