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Patient Results

  • Fantastic!!!  I had no idea that such a low pressure technique could create such a great result for my lymphedema.  For several weeks I had been troubled with an ankle that stayed swollen and was very sore to touch.  It was very difficult to find shoes that could be worn outside and too cold for thongs!  It was a blessing to get such relief and wear shoes again.  A great learning process, also.  Thanks so much!

    Carlene L.

  • At first I had trouble with simple every day activities, sleeping, getting dressed, and reaching for items over my head were debilitating.  But, with continued therapy and at home exercise I was able to return to a normal range of motion.  I even believe my tolerance for extended stretches has increased and I have a better understanding o how to stay comfortable.

    Brian T.

  • When I started treatment my neck was somewhat sore and “bound up”, never feeling loose and comfortable.  My movements were restricted to a degree and I had pain every day especially if I tried to work at any area over my head for more than a few minutes.  As I write this at the conclusion of my therapy of nine sessions I have no pain and my neck feels “free” or “loose’  rather than “bound up” or “tight”.  My therapist did an excellent job of applying the right treatment at the right time to achieve these good results!

    Arthur E.

  • My overall experience with Total Function has been very helpful.  My mobility has improved since my first visit.  I love the dry needling and would highly recommend it to anyone.  All my therapists have been very, very helpful and knowledgeable about my therapy and seem to communicate well with each other concerning my care.  I’ve been to a couple physical therapy places in the past and feel that Total Function is by far the best.  I would like to thank them for all the hard work they put into helping me.  I’m sorry I have to leave…

    Diana G.

  • I was in a lot of pain when I started the physical therapy with Total Function and during my sessions each time I came from the therapy my legs were much better each visit with the variety of exercises.  My right leg was numb and cold, now it is warmer and feeling has returned.  The people at Total Function were very accommodating with my appointments, business like but very nice at all times.  I would recommend them to everyone and come back myself if I need to.

    Virginia S.

  • This time I came for my left sciatic nerve.  As always I learned new skills and ways of taking care of myself.  TFPT was awesome.  They helped me so much and made me feel comfortable, listened to me and explained everything to me.  TFPT’s skills are excellent.  I am thankful for them.  As always I leave with a grateful heart.  I feel so much better.  Total Function will always be my choice.

    Connie W.

  • I started with pain in my lower back and hips. My right leg and hips were almost every night aching and sleep was hard to come by. I was able after several weeks to sleep after implementing numerous strategies the therapists suggested but that was still with using pain meds. Our goal became to be nearly pain free without using consistent meds. We also began to address other areas which were related to the original one- namely my tail bone and mid back. By the end of treatment, the pain has subsided considerably and the need for daily pain meds has gone to about a tenth of what it was. Sleeping has much improved as well as daily movement and sitting fo rlong periods of time.

    Chari H.

  • I came in with persistent, moderately intense pain with every step.  The pain was in my left hip and was prohibiting the biking and running activities I enjoy.  The therapists were quick, but thorough, in their path to the correct evaluation and outlined a comprehensive approach to include scheduled therapy as well as at home strengthening and stretching exercises.  After about two weeks, I began to experience a radical reduction in my pain and other symptoms.  I progressed quickly and the hip pain is gone.  I am back to running and biking and thoroughly pleased with my experience.


    Clay E.