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Long Term Pain Treatment Colorado Springs, CO

Long Term Pain

Could something be in the way of your body healing itself?

The body is an amazing organism. It gets injured and it heals itself; a cut in the skin, a broken bone or a ligamentous sprain.

But what if it doesn’t get better? What could be in the way of the body healing itself? There are many reasons.

There could be an underlying medical reason such as thyroid issues, diabetes, vascular issue, digestive abnormalities, the type of food we take in or the type of medications you are on, or any of the many medical diagnosis that interfere with the healing process.

There are the emotional components such as stress in life, anxiety about the future, fear for movement or to get back in the car or back to work or you hate your boss.

All these things can have a small or significant influence on the process of the body to heal itself.

At Total Function Physical Therapy, we assess the movement aspects of the body and see if it has ever been evaluated properly. We then come up with a structure that is the main reason and see if we can set up a plan to settle it down and gradually increase the activity through the body to get it more used to movement and get it less sensitive.  This is a process that takes patience from you and from us. For more information, Contact us at Colorado Springs, CO center.