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Motor Vehicle Accidents Rehab Colorado Springs, CO

Motor Vehicle Accidents Rehab

Discover how PT can relieve chronic pain caused from a motor vehicle accident.

Motor vehicle accidents can be life changing. One car hits another car from behind, from the side or head on. Cars roll, skid or hit a curb. Cars hit pedestrians and the car hit a bicyclist. There is a high level of energy being transferred from one vehicle to another with you in it.

The injuries can be complex due to the speed of  the impact, the position of your body at the moment of impact, did you stay conscious or not, did your neck move fast back and forth like a whiplash injury, did the brain get injured or did you break any bones.

Most of the time there is a significant amount of pain in the acute phase and then it settles down when the healing occurs in the sub-acute and more chronic phase.  When the pain is not settling down our physical therapists can assess and set up a plan and explain why the symptoms are there and what needs to happen to settle them down so you can sleep, sit, walk, lift your groceries and get comfortable driving your car again.

If you are injured, these are stressful times and we can help you.

Symptoms that have been going on for more than 4-6 months are now considered chronic but that doesn’t mean nothing can be done about it. Our physical therapists are movement experts and can assess your body parts that continue to stay in pain and come up with a plan to reduce the symptoms or fully resolve them. For more information, contact us at Colorado Springs, CO center.