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Neck Pain relief Colorado Springs, CO

Neck Pain Relief

Personalized treatment plans for the fastest relief! 

Neck pain is also very common and can generate pain or limited mobility in the neck but can also has an effect on the shoulder, arm or hand. Headaches and even migraines are often triggered by an underlying neck problem. For example, many patients complain of aches or tenderness in the neck, and sometimes shooting, sharp pains in nearby areas. Often, the primary problems causing your neck pain are tightened muscles and poor posture from daily stress, sitting at computers and inactivity.

At Total Function Physical Therapy, our skilled physical therapists are experts in helping patients quickly resolve their back and neck pain.

During your evaluation, we will discuss your history, examine your spine, and evaluate your movement and movement patterns, strength, and how you perform daily activities related to the upper body. This will help our physical therapists pinpoint the exact cause of your neck pain. We will work closely with your physician to design a treatment plan that best suits your needs and offers the quickest relief from pain and return to function. For more information, Contact us at Colorado Springs, CO center.