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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Centre Colorado Springs, CO

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Return to an Active Life with Orthopedic Rehabilitation!

Most patients come to us because of pain. Joint pain, muscle pain, lower back pain, hip pain, headaches, pain with walking or running and many other types. The pain is due to an injury, due to prolonged static postures, sudden unexpected motion or due to no reason at all.

Our physical therapists are movement experts. They can break down movement into very small parts and bring it back to the big picture. Pain with sleeping, sitting, walking, bending, not being able to tie your shoe or pain showing up at mile 3 into your run it all comes back to what is going on and can you see and evaluate where the problem is coming from.

Patients with injuries, surgery or accidents are in the same boat, their daily life activities have usually gone down significantly. Through a thorough assessment, set up a plan of care for you, the therapist estimates how much time it will take and how much work from the therapist and from you is needed to turn the symptoms around and get your full active life back. For more information, Contact us at Colorado Springs, CO center.