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Pre-Surgery Rehab Colorado Springs, CO

Pre-Surgery Rehab

Achieve the best outcomes with pre-surgery rehab!

To get the best outcome in your surgery, you can do many things to get ready for that important day:

  • Have you gotten as much motion back as you can before surgery?
  • Is your strength optimal or can you work on area’s in your body that is close to the surgical site?
  • How do get to and from the surgical center?
  • Is there food in the house? Who prepares the meals?
  • Is the rest of your body in good shape to do the surgery?
  • How long will you be under anesthetics?
  • Are you very well informed about what is going to happen during the surgery and after the surgery? The informed patient has a better outcome.

These are some of the things you need to think about, but there are many more to consider before you go under the knive. There are no easy surgeries.

Contact us at Colorado Springs, CO center and talk to one of our physical therapists to see what else you can do to get ready for surgery.