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Total Joint Replacement Colorado Springs, CO

Total Joint Replacement

Regain your strength and stability!

Total joint replacements are done in many parts of the body, the knee, hip, shoulder, ankles, big toes, parts of elbows, etc.

The treatment is to take the source of pain – cartilage or parts deteriorating and now the joint hurts because it is resting on the underlying bone and bone is very well supplied with nerves. The end of the bone gets re-surfaced and the source of the pain is usually gone.

This doesn’t mean you move efficiently, especially if you have been avoiding the area due to pain for the last couple of years.

Here at Total Function physical therapy we look at your range of motion at the operated joint and get as much motion back as possible, get your strength and stability back and gradually getting your function back like for lower extremity joints walking without device, stairs, hiking, walking backwards and side to side, turning, playing golf, etc.


For the upper extremity getting your shoulder blade and shoulder to work with each other again, so you can reach, lift, carry, put your seatbelt on or put your shirt on and can sleep on that side. For more information, Contact us at Colorado Springs, CO center.