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Trauma Rehabilitation Center Colorado Springs, CO

Trauma Rehabilitation

Getting you back to Total Function! 

Trauma is usually unexpected and severe in nature. The car accident, a rolled vehicle accident, falling off your speeding bike or because you couldn’t get your toe clips out and tipped over, tripping over uneven pavement,  falling down the stairs or off a ladder and landed in an awkward position or you jumped with your snow board and landed on a hill, against a tree or in loose snow.

The trauma can have the result of broken bones or ligament sprains or tears and these significant injuries need immobilization or surgery or if you are lucky and with rest the acute phase will settle down.

There is a lot of work needed to get you back to the level you were at before the trauma. Our physical therapists are movement experts. They can break down movement into very small parts and bring it back to the big picture. From a joint mobility limitation, weakness in a muscle group to coaching you to change your walking pattern so you are more efficient. Usually there is a significant emotional component attached to the memory of the injury and the limited activity that you experience after the injury. Fear, anxiety of hurting it more, wondering if you can go back to work, can you provide for your family, etc., are some of the components we see on a daily basis.

Getting you back in Total Function Physical Therapy or for some to the highest level of function with strength, confidence, mobility and agility is our goal. For more information, Contact us at Colorado Springs, CO center.