Category: Back

Lisa S

Jul15th 2020

Before working with my PT, I was unable to do daily activities without pain, and my passion Pickleball, was out of the question. I was certain that I could never play again because my lower back was in a state of pain. Through Physical Therapy, I can now play Pickleball and manage daily life in a new pain free way!

SHARON S. Jun27th 2020


I came to Total Function Physical Therapy PC after having a lumbar back fusion. They were kind and compassionate and I am very grateful for the care I received! Excellent experience!

Connie W.

Jul1st 2016

TFPT PC was awesome.  They helped me so much and made me feel comfortable, listened to me and explained everything to me.  TFPT PC's skills are excellent.  I am thankful for them.  As always I leave with a grateful heart.  I feel so much better.  Total Function will always be my choice.