Category: Lymphedema

Pamela W

Jul15th 2020

I came in with VERY swollen legs and feet. I’m leaving with NO Swelling at all! They treated me for Lymphedema. I am very pleased with the results, also pleased with the people. The quality of the employees and their knowledge was superior to other Physical Therapy offices I have used.

SHARON S. Jun27th 2020


I tore a muscle in my calf a month ago. I was in considerable pain and couldn’t walk more than a few feet. After going here twice a week, my calf is stronger than before the accident because they gave me strengthening exercises.

Carlene L.

Jul1st 2016

Fantastic!!!  I had no idea that such a low pressure technique could create such a great result for my lymphedema. It was a blessing to get such relief and wear shoes again.  A great learning process, also. Thanks so much!