Category: Motor Vehicle

Josh W

Jul15th 2020

After my accident on March 15th, I had difficulty with balance, headaches and nausea due to head trauma. Total Function PT was able to help resolve those issues and get me back to pre-accident levels. I had dizziness so severe I passed out twice in shower. Now, I’m to a point I don’t have episodes at all.

SHARON S. Jun27th 2020


I have been seeing Peter at Total Function Physical Therapy PC for a car accident that I was in a couple of months ago. I had a shoulder injury and he has helped me so very much.

SHARON S. Jun27th 2020


I tore a muscle in my calf a month ago. I was in considerable pain and couldn’t walk more than a few feet. After going here twice a week, my calf is stronger than before the accident because they gave me strengthening exercises.