Category: Shoulder

Teresa O

Jul15th 2020

I saw my PT shortly after shoulder surgery. My PT used hands on and stretching therapy to relax specific muscles and strengthen others. I have range of motion in my shoulder and I am NO LONGER in pain!

Katherine L

Jul15th 2020

When I started I couldn’t move much of anything with my right arm. I can lift, carry and grab things again with little to no discomfort now. I have a large range of motion again, almost back to where I was before. I think I’m at around 90% range of motion.

Adah T

Jul15th 2020

My PT worked really hard to get my shoulder back to normal after I tripped and fell downstairs at an event. Soon after starting PT I slowly started to be able to lift my arm without the help of my right arm to put on deodorant and to fix my hair. That was a huge achievement!