Adah T

Jul15th 2020

To begin, my PT worked really hard to get my shoulder back to normal after I tripped and fell downstairs at an event.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve improved since she started helping me.  At first, I could not use my left arm at all.  I could not sleep on that side and my shoulder ached a lot.  Soon after starting PT I slowly started to be able to lift my arm without the help of my right arm to put on deodorant and to fix my hair.  That was a huge achievement!  Then slowly noticed I was getting more and more strength back.  I did the exercises she recommended faithfully knowing a shoulder injury takes a lot of time to heal.  My PT is an extraordinary Physical Therapist!  I have been to many PT’s over the years and I’ve never appreciated one more.  I am sure that all the PT’s at Total Function PT are excellent, because they do hands on PT rather than just having you do a bunch of exercises and then send you home.  I have told everyone I know and any who mentions they need Physical Therapy, I tell them about Total Function and will continue to do so.  They are compassionate about getting you fixed and back to normal as soon as possible without surgery.   THANK YOU, TOTAL FUNCTION!