Michael G

Jul15th 2020

I had a knee replacement over seven months ago and had begun physical therapy two days after my surgery.  My PT did an outstanding job on my rehabilitation from the beginning.  He always worked at what appeared to be the appropriate pace starting with just attempting to obtain mobility to restoring lost strength and function.  He understood my goals of skiing and hiking.  He guided me towards appropriate exercise to achieve those goals.  There was never as much pain associated with the therapy as I was expecting.  He was very supportive when I felt like I was not achieving adequate progress.  His positive attitude particularly in the beginning contributed to a very positive experience.  My Doctor was not optimistic that I would achieve flexion in excess of what I had prior to surgery.  On my last few visits, I had exceeded that bench mark and my PT has kept challenging me even further to increase the flexion.  I have been able to ski almost as well after surgery as before, only lacking in muscle strength.  The season is young and I’m sure I will be able to ski even better than before the surgery and before the seasons end.  I am extremely pleased with the results My PT has helped me achieve in recovery from knee surgery.  I will certainly seek out Total Function PT for all of my future PT needs.