Katherine L

Jul15th 2020

When I started I couldn’t move much of anything with my right arm. I can lift, carry and grab things again with little to no discomfort now. I have a large range of motion again, almost back to where I was before. I think I’m at around 90% range of motion.

Leigh R

Jul15th 2020

I came in with extreme nerve pain in my right hip that affected most everything I did on a daily basis. After PT, I barely/rarely notice any nerve pain and I feel less tight in my back and leg muscles. I am already so much stronger in my hips and am becoming more flexible.

Errol H

Jul15th 2020

My left hip was very painful when I would go on a long walk, bending or going upstairs. I had to go to the E.R. on Post, it was so bad. I came to Total Function PT, and on my second visit, I must say I could feel the difference and progress I was making.